Reasons Why Social Media Is One Of The Best Platforms For Auto Dealerships


If you go inside an auto dealerships place, you might be able to see a seemingly bored car salesman who is trying his best not to look uninterested and tired whilst sitting on his chair, waiting for people to come into the store so that he can talk to someone about how great their car deals are. You may have also heard some sales manager talking to them about how the stuff written below are very important to remember:

Social media is such a waste of their precious and golden time

Social media does not have the capability to bring in traffic

Social media will never be a partner for auto dealerships

If you have been into a lot of dealerships, you may have wondered what the sales manager calls those people who are just sitting on their desks waiting for people to come in and inquire of some good cars for them to splurge their money on.

If you hear how sales managers talk about social media being a huge waste of time since they don’t bring in traffic for these car dealerships, you would probably wonder how much traffic ads and television commercials have brought to these kinds of businesses.

This would then obviously lead to the most important question: how much has the outbound marketing benefited for them since we only see those salesmen and saleswomen getting bored about the fact that they have not interacted with customers yet since the last few hours of being on duty?

Unfortunately, a ton of these car dealerships still work as though they are trying to have their horses sold to a ton of buggy buyers. Long before civilization, there have been travelers going into local livery stables to find horses or buggies to buy.

A lot of these livery stables have their blacksmiths to cater to repairs for the horse’ horseshoes and their buggies, whilst also having a stable hand to have the horses curried. The livery stable owner’s job is to make sure that their horses will be sold or rented by travelers and other customers alike. These livery stables back then used simple stuff to market their store, like some facebook referrals from folks who have had their services, some signage across town, and newspapers ads.

Lets us now tackle on the twentieth century.

Vehicles are basically what the citizens use in order to transport them from one place to another. Livery stables during that time were already inefficient.

Social media then emerged as technology was introduced to better the civilization that human beings experience today, allowing the proliferation of facebook business. If you think businesses can never use social media as a platform for them to have their products and services known to the world and also use it as a means for their marketing strategies, then they are basically insane to think so.


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